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Talking Top Tens: Perry Nelson

Founder, Nicely Noted


Perry Nelson is the Founder of Nicely Noted, a stationery subscription service that inspires sincerity by delivering a curated letterpress cards and stamps every month. Perry came up with the idea of Nicely Noted while walking her puppy Charlie. Nicely Noted was born out of a love of writing and receiving letters, in addition to a lifelong appreciation for beautiful stationery. Prior to moving to Austin for grad school, Perry lived in New York and San Francisco, where she served as the Online Editor at W magazine and the Online Director at Dwell magazine. Follow Perry and Nicely Noted on Twitter and on Instagram.

And more with Perry Nelson…

Favorite Instagram account to follow:

@mogleameg for inspiring her creativity, beautiful designs and the excitement of seeing her business grow and thrive and, of course @nicelynoted.

Your greatest achievement:

Following my passion and love of stationery to start Nicely Noted and encourage people to send more handwritten notes. The joy I get from hearing our customers talk about our service inspiring them to send more notes, is really gratifying. 

What do you love most about your work?

Getting the opportunity to work with and to highlight the design skills and craftsmanship of all the letterpress printers and designers through Nicely Noted.

One piece of advice you would give your 18 year old self:

What makes you unique is something to hold on to, not avoid. Your distinct perspective is good, if we were all the same it would be rather boring.  

Skincare product you can’t live without:

Cetaphil lotion. It’s a great basic for use all over, face included. It’s light enough that it does not feel heavy, but still moisturizes wonderfully.

Your last great read:

The latest work of fiction I enjoyed was Washington Square by Henry James. I love learning about New York City from years past, both the geographic differences as well as the societal differences. 

Your go-to power outfit:

A simple navy sheath, a beautiful woven silk jacket I bought for an interview at Condé Nast and nude Manolo slingbacks. The coat is taupe with a hint of pint and has this great wavy, structured collar. I can throw it on with a skirt and blouse or jeans to dress them up and make me feel more put together. 

The beauty product found in your bag at all times:

In my bag you will always find a Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter, I love the texture and scent. It’s perfect to combat the dry air on the plane. 

Nail color currently on your hands and feet:

A Dior pale brown with a hint of purple in it. Thanks to Jane Larkworthy my friend and former colleague who is Beauty Director at W magazine.

Charities you support:

My local NPR stations, KUT and KUTx.